About That's My JAMstack

That's My JAMstack is a podcast looking at the people that make the JAMstack community an amazing place to work and play. Started in 2019 by Bryan Robinson with the philosophy of bite-sized interviews highlighting these amazing developers, designers and technologists.

So far, we've had interviews with software engineers, designers, CTOs, educators and more. Each episode focuses on the specific passions individuals in the community. Whether that's specific technologies, philosophies or freedoms that the JAMstack allows for.

What's the JAMstack?

If you're here and don't know what the JAMstack is all about, the episodes may be a tad obtuse.

The JAMstack is a methodology around serving websites and apps safely, securely and quickly.

Create fast and secure sites and dynamic apps with JavaScript, APIs, and prerendered Markup, served without web servers.

The above quote is from JAMstack.org, which is a great resource for learning more!

How can you support That's My JAMstack

This podcast is currently a labor of love. As with all great labors of love, there's a cost associated. There's some minimal hosting costs for the actual episodes, as well a decent bit of work that goes into producing each episode (I spend a lot of time dealing with transcripts, and they're still not perfect...).

With all that in mind, the best way to support That's My JAMstack is to listen, recommend, subscribe, star, favorite and talk about the episodes. When I see folks are subscribed and listening, it gives me the energy to keep working on this project.

The other way of helping is to help me find people who want to be interviewed. You don't have to be an extremely experienced developer to be on the show. You just have to be passionate about some aspect of the JAMstack and be willing to talk about that and about yourself.

If you want to be on the show or know someone who would be great to be on the show, either connect with us on Twitter or fill out this form.




There's also a "tip jar" on Pinecast (the podcast's audio host). It's awkward, but you could totally leave a small tip... No pressure.