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  1. Tim Benniks on playing, scaling and business in the Jamstack

    This week we have the amazing Tim Benniks on the show. Tim is director of web development at Valtech, part of the Cloudinary media developer experts program, a speaker and much more.

  2. Espen Hovlandsdal on mixing static and dynamic, content management and more

    This week, we have the amazing Espen Hovlandsdal, software engineer from

  3. Jayson J. Phillips on the early, intermediate and current eras of the Jamstack

    In this week's episode, we chat with Jason J. Phillips, Director of Engineering at a 2U, boot camp instructor and a media developer expert.

  4. Obinna Ekwuno on the shift from engineering to the web, Gatsby and the incremental future

    On today's episode, we talked with the amazing Obinna Ekwuno is a software engineer for Gatsby, a media developer expert, egghead instructor and an accessibility advocate.

  5. Debbie O'Brien on NuxtJS, web frameworks, creating your own framework and more

    This week on the show, we had the amazing and talented Debbie O'Brien. Debbie is the head of learning and developer advocate for NuxtJS. She's a Microsoft MVP, Google GDE and Cloudinary MDE.