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  1. Welcome to That's My JAM...stack!

    Hello World, my name is Bryan Robinson and I love love, love the JAMstack. I've always enjoyed working on static sites, quick for users, they're quick to build. And as it turns out, they're not that static anymore. I'm on a quest to find more gems, hackers, and they get their stories. That's why I've created That's My JAM...stack. This podcast is all about the passions of the tech community

  2. Andy Bell on 11ty, static sites, progressive enhancement and more

    Today we have an awesome guest. He's a web designer and developer. You may know him from his CSS newsletter, Piccalilli, his awesome 11ty the starter theme Hylia, his friendly browser checker, mybrowser. FYI, or just his amazing hot takes on Twitter. Let's go ahead and welcome to the show Andy Bell.

  3. Raymond Camden on the history of Static, hosting, side projects and more!

    Today we've got the pleasure of chatting with a developer advocate who specializes, according to his website, on JavaScript serverless and enterprise cat demos, I'm talking, of course, about the amazing Raymond Camden.

  4. Laurie Barth on Gatsby, Lambda Functions, experimenting and more

    In today's episode, we're speaking with the amazing software engineer, blogger and educator Laurie Barth!

  5. Andrew Sprouse on specialized services, amazing APIs and a welcoming community

    In today's episode, I’m joined by Andrew Sprouse. Andrew is a cofounder and CTO of the amazing JAMstack company TakeShape.

  6. Phil Hawksworth on "static first," the future of the JAMstack and much more

    Today I'm joined by the ever amazing Phil Hawksworth. Phil is a member of the absolutely incredible developer experience team at a little JAMstack company called Netlify.

  7. Brittney Ball on Gatsby, building and using learning resources and more

    This week after the short hiatus, we're back talking with an amazing self taught software engineer from Charlotte, North Carolina -- The awesome Brittney Ball!

  8. Gift Egwuenu on Gridsome, Netlify, Serverless and more

    This week's episode, we have one of the Co-organizers of ConcatenateConf, and JAMstack Lagos, the wonderful Gift Egwuenu.

  9. James Quick on ejecting from Wordpress, Gatsby, Netlify and more

    Today I'm joined by someone I've had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now he's a developer at FedEx, a technology speaker and educator. The one the only James Quick. Hi, James. Thanks for thanks for joining us on the podcast today.

  10. Brian Rinaldi on proving the benefits of JAMstack, content editing and more

    On this week's episode, we sit down with Brian Rinaldi, a developer advocate for Stackbit.

  11. Tamas Piros on education and the "A" in the JAMstack

    In today's episode, we're talking to a Cloudinary developer evangelist and awesome technical trainer, who just started Tamas Piros

  12. Francois Lanthier Nadeau on decoupling in the JAMstack (and life), ecommerce and more

    In today's episode, we're joined by the former marketing lead now CEO of the e commerce startup Snipcart. I'm talking of course about François Lanthier Nadeau.

  13. Daniel Olson on Wordpress as an SSG, Third-Wave web dev and much more

    This week, we have the COO of a company called DigitalCube. He's a self taught web developer and a JAMstack enthusiast I'm very pleased to have on the show Daniel Olson.

  14. 2020 JAMstack year in preview

    Instead of our usual format of a q&a with just one JAMstacker, I've asked one question of many of our guests from the past year, that question very simply was, "What are you most looking forward to professionally and personally in the JAMstack in 2020?" Their answers were all amazing. So buckle up for a good ride.

  15. Sam Julien on authentication, Gatsby and the serverless methodology

    Today, on the show, we have a speaker, author, teacher, and a developer relations engineer at Auth0, Sam Julien

  16. Ahmad Awais on the elegance of Markdown, education and simplification

    In today's episode we're talking with Ahmad Awais. Ahmad is a developer relations engineer at Cloudinary, a Google Developer expert and a prolific teacher.

  17. Aisha Blake on accessibility, easier educating and musical conference talks

    On today's episode, we've got the amazing Aisha Blake. Aisha is a member of the Gatsby learning team, as well as being a teacher, speaker and conference organizer.

  18. Jason Lengstorf on the edge cases, rediscovering common knowledge and much more

    Our Guest today is a principal developer experience engineer at Netlify and the host of the great video series Learn with Jason. I'm talking of course about Jason Lengstorf.

  19. Khaled Garbaya on Gatsby, Create React App, modularity and more

    This week I'm excited to have on the show the amazing Khaled Garbaya. Khaled is an engineering manager at Contentful and runs an amazing JAMstack newsletter.

  20. Colby Fayock On Mapping (like… the world), Gatsby, science and more

    On today's episode, we talked to Colby Fayock, a senior front end engineer with Element 84.

  21. Denis Kostrzewa on JAMstack-first agencies, finding your stack, talking with clients and more

    On this week's episode, we're hearing insights from the world of JAMstack agencies with Denis Kostrzewa, the CEO and co founder of the JAMstack-first agency Bejamas.

  22. Jenn Creighton on Gatsby, SPAs, conference speaking and more

    On today's episode we're chatting with Jenn Creighton, Jenn is a conference speaker and the organizer of useReact NYC. She's also the front end architect for The Wing.

  23. Todd Libby on 11ty, Gatsby and the tough choice between them

    On today’s episode, we’ve got the amazing Todd Libby, a senior front-end developer and tech support lead.

  24. Bolaji Ayodeji on using the JAMstack before you know about the JAMstack, Gatsby, Hugo and more

    Today on the show, we’ve got the amazing Bolaji Ayodeji, a front-end developer and technical writer working at HashNode

  25. Eduardo Bouças on dynamic static sites, Staticman, Sourcebit and more

    On today’s episode, we’ve got the mind behind the old Staticman library and the new Sourcebit package, Eduardo Bouças.

  26. Aaron Frost on Scully, working too much and the merits of ice fishing

    On today’s episode we have the creator of the Angular JAMstack framework Scully - Aaron Frost. I’m excited to dive into Scully’s creation and find out more.

  27. Kathleen McMahon on writing docs, helping others learn and design systems

    On today’s episode we have the amazing Kathleen McMahon. Kathleen is a developer and design systems guru.

  28. Tim Benniks on playing, scaling and business in the Jamstack

    This week we have the amazing Tim Benniks on the show. Tim is director of web development at Valtech, part of the Cloudinary media developer experts program, a speaker and much more.

  29. Espen Hovlandsdal on mixing static and dynamic, content management and more

    This week, we have the amazing Espen Hovlandsdal, software engineer from

  30. Jayson J. Phillips on the early, intermediate and current eras of the Jamstack

    In this week's episode, we chat with Jason J. Phillips, Director of Engineering at a 2U, boot camp instructor and a media developer expert.

  31. Obinna Ekwuno on the shift from engineering to the web, Gatsby and the incremental future

    On today's episode, we talked with the amazing Obinna Ekwuno is a software engineer for Gatsby, a media developer expert, egghead instructor and an accessibility advocate.

  32. Debbie O'Brien on NuxtJS, web frameworks, creating your own framework and more

    This week on the show, we had the amazing and talented Debbie O'Brien. Debbie is the head of learning and developer advocate for NuxtJS. She's a Microsoft MVP, Google GDE and Cloudinary MDE.

  33. Brad Garropy on the A in the Jamstack, cloud databases, and side projects

    This week on the show, we have Brad Garropy. Brad is a lead front-end developer at Adobe by day and a live-code streamer by night!

  34. Ohad Eder-Pressman on configuring sites, the minimum needed to do the job, and the Jamstack as the predominant web architecture

    Today on the show, we have Ohad Eder-Pressman. Ohad is the CEO and co-founder of the Jamstack company Stackbit.

  35. Gareth McCumskey on serverless-first, helpful services, and the backend of the Jamstack

    Today on the show, we chat with Gareth McCumskey, a solutions engineer at Serverless Inc.

  36. REMIX - James Q. Quick on Auth, working on what makes your code special, and Jamstack services

    This week we have our first ever. That's My Jamstack remix. We talked to today's guest about a year ago - Say hello to James Quick

  37. Dan Barak on making your own stack, the maturing of the Jamstack and more

    This week we have the amazing Dan Barak. Dan is the co founder and COO at the Jamstack company Stackbit.

  38. Drew Clements on performance, simplicity, and getting to the fun parts

    This week, we have Drew Clements, a front end developer for Foster Commerce.

  39. Anthony Campolo on full-stack serverless frameworks

    This week we have Anthony Campolo. A full stack web developer and RedwoodJS advocate.

  40. Miguel Arias on form handling and lowering the learning curve

    This week we have Miguel Arias on the show. Miguel is the co founder of Kwes forms.